I would like to say that I have the secret to life and what it means to live and be happy locked up in a box. Hidden in a closet. You know, way in the back forgotten with the old baseball glove, or the prom dress that you would love to fit into just once more. I would like to say that there is a set module where we can all press a button and then life would automatically format to what it is supposed to look like. No wonder, no hardships, no doubt. Everything set in stone and made easy and all you have to worry about is if you like the color scheme that was given to you. Suppose mocha isn’t your favorite color, you could hit another button to customize your settings and “poof” your razzle dazzle raspberry color scheme is all ready to go!

Yeah, life would be much simpler if it came with a button of sorts that holds those magical powers. Fortunately it doesn’t! We get to literally go through life and make all sort of customized decisions. We get to decide our own adventures, our happiness, and our sorrow. Everyday is different and we all have our own personal issues that everyday life throws at us. But at the end of the day we are the ones that decide how we handle it.

I am going out into this big bad world with open arms and open eyes. I am trying something new this year and it is kind of scary. Something as small as starting a blog is a scary thing for me. I have no idea what I am doing. I just want to throw my thoughts out into this world and see what comes back at me. There will be things that I have in common with people and there will be things that I will learn from others. I would say now is the best time to start customizing some settings and live life and just try to laugh as much as possible!